Monthly Archive: July, 2012

Cricket in Rio – and Brazil

  In June, Carioca Cricket Club (C.C.C.) returned from the Brazilian National T20 Championships in Curitiba as Champions of Brazil!  C.C.C. was only formed last September and entered the tournament for the first… Continue reading

Grand Prix Racing and the Gavea Circuit – 3rd part

  ‘Circuito da Gávea’ – by Chris Hieatt – third installment In 1937 Pintacuda’s car was an Alfa 8C 35 with a blown 3800cc engine, as raced at Tripoli the year before. His… Continue reading

19th Century Coffee growing in Rio de Janeiro

        The Pioneers of Coffee Growing in Rio de Janeiro.   Louis François Lecesne, a French doctor, is considered one of the pioneers in introducing coffee to Brazil early in… Continue reading

Christ Church, Rio’s English speaking Anglican Church

Christ Church, Botafogo, is the only English speaking Anglican Church in Rio de Janeiro, where Anglicans in Rio gather. Our mission is to serve the English-speaking community of the city and beyond, whether… Continue reading

Jogo do Bicho

Jogo do Bicho This article was originally written by Phoebe Freeland, who lived most of her life in Rio.  The “Jogo do Bicho” is an integral part of life in Brazil.  No matter… Continue reading

Rio’s Cable Cars

Rio’s Cable Cars One of the most attractive aspects of Rio de Janeiro, from a landscape/scenery point of view, is its surrounding rocks and mountains. In just about any of its boroughs, if… Continue reading

Grande Prix Motor Racing in Brazil

Grand Prix Motor Racing in Brazil – and the ‘Circuito da Gávea’ Part 1. By Chris Hieatt The last of the season’s Formula One races is the Brazilian Grand Prix, taking place at… Continue reading

The British contribution to Brazil’s Independence

The English cemetery in Rio de Janeiro sits on a piece of land, in the district of Gamboa, that was donated to the British by the Emperor Dom Joao VI in 1809.  Over… Continue reading