Rio after the Olympics

After all that negative press before the Olympics in Rio, things seem to have gone pretty well. No complaints of trash in the bay, or dirty water in the lagoon.  There is still a lot to do, but it is so easy to exaggerate the situation.  There were glitches of course, but you wouldn’t have known it from watching the events on the multiple TV channels, everything seemed to go very smoothly.

It has been commented that there are too many sports in the Olympic Games, and more will be added next year.  It puts an enormous strain on the host city, to provide all the arenas needed, and transport to get to them.  In Rio all events were within the city’s borders, except for football, which was played all over Brazil. In Beijing the equestrian events had to be held in Hong Kong, and in London sailing was done off the south coast.

The following very positive report is borrowed from the BBC