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Rio’s tunnels

RIO’S TUNNELS According to the official list, there are 22 tunnels in the city of Rio de Janeiro. This is not surprising when one considers the Rio landscape of mountains, hills and rocks.… Continue reading

Rio’s Street Markets (feiras livres)

Rio’s Street Markets (Feiras Livres) Rio has many street markets, from antiques to arts and crafts, but here we are talking about the “Feiras Livres”, which offer mainly fruit and veg, with a… Continue reading

Tiradentes, Landfills and Presbyterians

The commemorations began in 2009, marking the arrival from Baltimore, Maryland, of a 26-year-old Princeton graduate. After 56 days at sea on board the North American sailing vessel “Banshee,” on August 12, 1859, the Rev. Ashbel Green Simonton arrived at Praça Mauá.

Mistreating Rio’s Trees

One of Rio’s most attractive features is its trees. The city is covered with them, though the number of species used for the streets is limited, whereas Rio’s Jardim Botânico has over 6000 species of trees and plants.