Rio is for the Birds

Unfortunately Rio’s Jardim Botânico does not currently offer the bird-watching tour, but some time ago my son Brent went on one of these tours, and reported as follows: Rio is for the birds.… Continue reading

Rio’s elevated highways – the fate of the “Elevado da Perimetral”

Elevated highways or expressways are common in cities around the world, usually built to be pleasing to the eye, and almost always impressive – see for instance the complex in Birmingham, UK, that… Continue reading

Art in Rio

Art in Rio has grown enormously in recent years, and galleries are popping up all over the place.

Rio’s zero trash – LIXO ZERO

We all know what happens in Singapore if you drop trash or chew gum, but Rio? Can you imagine the city free of trash?


One of the big differences between the UK and Brazil is that in the UK the hospital most probably comes under the National Health, the equivalent of a public hospital in Brazil, whereas here most people at our level of society (middle class) have a health plan and therefore go to private hospitals.

Tiradentes, Landfills and Presbyterians

The commemorations began in 2009, marking the arrival from Baltimore, Maryland, of a 26-year-old Princeton graduate. After 56 days at sea on board the North American sailing vessel “Banshee,” on August 12, 1859, the Rev. Ashbel Green Simonton arrived at Praça Mauá.


Why do we so love living in Rio? The traffic is terrible, the city goes into gridlock when it rains, the bay is polluted, and sometimes the beaches too

MARACANÃ – from the “RIO 2016” website

The stadium’s official inauguration will take place on 2nd June with a friendly match between Brazil and England.


This is not a full posting, but a link to a terrific article that came out in the Daily Mail online on April 11th.  Just click here.  Some good news about Rio for… Continue reading

A Very British Railway

The posting includes excerpts from the book by Paul Catchpole, published by “Locomotives International”, and from a book entitled “Logistica – Uma Historia dos Caminhos Brasileiros”, by Angela Moreira Domingues da Silva, published by Andrea Jakobsson Estudio.